PDI-P Reform Movement open to forming new political party

Kompas – June 5, 2005
PDI-P Reform Movement leadership board member Sukowaluyo Mintorahardjo (Liputan 6)
PDI-P Reform Movement leadership board member Sukowaluyo Mintorahardjo (Liputan 6)

Jakarta – The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) Reform Movement's "opposition" to the party's central leadership board led by Megawati Sukarnoputri continues unabated. Indeed there is a possibility that they will form a new political party if their legal efforts run aground1.

This was conveyed by a member of the collective leadership board of the PDI-P Reform Movement, Sukowaluyo Mintorahardjo, during a break at an event titled "The Commemoration of a Decade of Pancasila June 1, 1945-2005" which was held in Jakarta on Sunday June 5.

The commemoration was attended by a number of senior PDI-P figures such as Roeslan Abdulgani and Abdul Majid. PDI-P Reform Movement figures that attended meanwhile included Reform Movement steering committee head Roy BB Janis, Laksamana Sukardi, Mochtar Buchori, Noviantika Nasution and Didi Supriyanto. Around 1000 people participated in the event which was held at Indoor Tennis stadium in Senayan.

In principle, Mintorahardjo said that his group would give precedence to legal efforts. If their suit against the PDI-P leadership wins, the Reform Movement will ask for another congress or extraordinary congress to be organised.

Responding to questions from journalists, Mintorahardjo said that forming a new political party represents an alternative if their legal efforts fail. He stressed that they are not breaking away from the PDI-P's ideological orientation and support nationalist Pancasila forces.

Janis disagrees

With regard to the alternative of forming a new political party as stated by Mintorahardjo, Janis, who was met separately, just shook his head. The PDI-P Reform Movement said Janis, would never consider establishing a new political party because what was intended from the beginning to save the PDI-P which they believe has taken wrong turn. (dik)


1. The PDI-P's congress in April unanimously reelected party chairperson former President Megawati Sukarnoputri despite calls from sections of the party to open up and reform the PDI-P's central leadership board. A number of party leaders including members of parliament were later sacked for opposing Megawati's election and are currently challenging the decision in the courts.

[Translated by Risna.]