Acehnese NGOs ask parliament to support Helsinki negotiations

Source – August 2, 2005
Acehnese demonstrate in Jakarta in support of Helsinki negotiations (Detik)
Acehnese demonstrate in Jakarta in support of Helsinki negotiations (Detik)

Muhammad Nur Hayid, Jakarta – Support for the Aceh peace negotiations is strengthening. Acehnese non-government organisations have asked the People’s Representative Assembly (DPR) to support the negotiations between the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) in Helsinki.

Ten representatives from the Aceh Joint Committee (Komite Bersatu Aceh) visited the DPR’s Commission I at the parliament building in Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday August 2.

The group which is made up of Balai Sorong Inong Aceh, the Aceh Sport Group, academics and representatives of traditional communities were received by commission chairperson Theo L. Sambuaga and two commission members, Ali Muchtar Ngabalin from the Crescent Star Party faction and Untung Wahono from the Prosperity and Justice Party faction.

“We from the Representative Body for Acehnese Society are asking the DPR to support the negotiations [between] the Indonesian government and GAM in Helsinki and ask that the Commission I monitor the progress of the negotiations”, said one of the representatives, Fahrul Syah Mega.

Sambuaga welcomed the demands of the Acehnese NGOs. “We will continue to carry out our task as the representatives of the people and we will support that which is proceeding”, said Samuaga who is also a politician from the Golkar Party. (aan)

[Translated by James Balowski.]