‘No by-laws by a DPRD which is the product of martial law’

Aceh Kita – August 20, 2005
Aceh Regional House of Representatives plenary meeting (Tribune)
Aceh Regional House of Representatives plenary meeting (Tribune)

AK-34, Jakarta – Responding to a plan by the Aceh regional house of representatives (DPRD) to issue a new by-law soon, an activist from the Acehnese Popular Democratic Resistance Front (FPDRA), Thamrin Ananda, says that they cannot just issue new regulations because there are a number of important issues that must be considered first.

According to Ananda, the DPRD’s members which exist today are unable to represent the Acehnese people if viewed in terms of the peoples wishes and not in terms of the results of an undemocratic elections. “The present Aceh DPRD is the result of an election which took place under [a state of] martial law”, he told Aceh Kita on Friday August 19.

Ananda also said that amendments to or the passing of new regulations must be done after the next elections, that is in 2009. And if there is such a stipulation in the peace agreement, the DPRD must first consult with the authorities in Aceh, in this case the governor.

In addition to this, Ananda expressed his regret over the position being taken by the armed forces chief who has given the impression he wants to avoid the issue of human rights violations in Aceh. It is wrong not to take up the past, especially on the grounds that the TNI has evidence that human rights violations in Aceh have been committed by the Free Aceh Movement.

Ananda added the comment that retroactivity in human rights courts should not depend upon the perpetrator of the crime. “Whoever is proven to have committed human rights violations must go before the courts, and there is no need for reconciliation”, he said. [asf]

[Translated by James Balowski.]