Workers, farmers and urban poor to form new political party

Source – July 24, 2006
Papernas members hold protest (Antara)
Papernas members hold protest (Antara)

Ken Yunita, Jakarta – Thousands of workers, farmers and urban poor have started the process of forming a new political party but launching a preparatory committee for a national party of liberation.

A number of non-government organisations were involved in pioneering the formation of the Preparatory Committee of the National Liberation Party of Unity (Persiapan Partai Persatuan Pembebasan Nasional, KP-Papernas). The launch of the committee took place at the National Library building on Jl. Selemba Raya in Jakarta on Sunday July 23.

“Up until now there has yet to be a party that can unite the ordinary people, the urban poor. This party will be their vehicle”, said KP-Papernas chair Dominggus Oktavianus Kiik before its membership that comprises activists from Bali, Central and East Java and North Sumatra.

The launch of the committee that was enlivened by a number of speeches with Dominggus saying that the event represented a pre-party formation. “This is to prepare a party that will be declared in November”, he added.

Dominggus said that the essence of the party’s struggle would include the nationalisation of mining companies, abolishing the foreign debt and developing the national industry for the welfare of the people. “Up until now we have remained [under the leadership of] the lackeys of foreign countries”, he asserted. (wiq)

[Translated by James Balowski.]