500 NGO activists demand police complete Munir investigation

Detik.com – September 7, 2006
Suciwati speaks at Munir solidarity action (Kompas)
Suciwati speaks at Munir solidarity action (Kompas)

Veronika Kusuma Wijayanti, Jakarta – Around 500 activists from a number of non-government organisations held a demonstration at the national police headquarters on Thursday September 7. They were demanding that police solve the Munir murder that took place two years ago.

The protesters, most of which were wearing red T-shirts gave speeches on Jl. Trunojoyo resulting in a traffic jam. A number of protesters also wore bamboo hats and brought effigies made of straw.

Also present at the demonstration was Munir’s wife Suciwati. “Today we are calling in the [President’s] promise. He said the police had given a commitment they would resolve [the case]. We are tired of promises. We are only demanding the fulfillment of one promise, a commitment that must be demonstrated, that is [finding] Munir’s killer”, she said.

The coordinator of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims Violence, Usman Hamid meanwhile questioned whether the police were being serious in handling the Munir case. “If [they] are waiting for [information from] Pollycarpus, that is impossible. The President it seems is also not serious about dealing with the case. The president has no [political] will, it is as if there is a fear”, he said. (umi/nrl)

[Translated by James Balowski.]