Compilation of protests against November 20 visit by George Bush

Various Sources – November 10-14, 2006
President Yudhoyono and George W Bush at Bogor Palace - November 20, 2006 (people)
President Yudhoyono and George W Bush at Bogor Palace - November 20, 2006 (people)

[The following is a compilation of abridged translations of protests between November 10-14 against US President George W. Bush's planned visit to the West Java city of Bogor on November 20. Translated by James Balowski.]

Makassar student demonstrate a mall, hotel against Bush visit

Students in the South Sulawesi provincial capital of Makassar are indeed different. If in the West Java city of Bogor protest against US President George W. Bush's visit to the city are held in the streets, students from the Alauddin State Islamic University in Makassar protested at a mall and hotel instead.

Some 50 students started the action at the Alauddin campus but then went to the Ratu Indah Mall and protested in front of the entrance. In speeches the students, who accused Bush of being a war criminal, called on visitors to the mall not to buy US made products and for all Indonesian to oppose Bush's visit on November 20. They also set fire to posters with pictures of Bush and shouted "God is Great".

After around 15 minutes they moved off to the Makassar Sahid Hotel but were prevented from entering the grounds by scores of police who were blocking the entrance. Unable to enter, the students eventually disbanded and returned to their campus. (, 10/11/2006)

Protests against Bush's visit continue

Protests against a planned visit by George W. Bush continue to take place. Hundreds of students from the Muhammadiyah University on Lombok Island demonstrated at the Bank Indonesia intersection in Mataram on November 9. The students condemned Bush as a war criminal saying that he is the real terrorist for launching military actions against a number of countries, Iraq in particular.

A similar protest was held by around 60 activists from the Islamic Student Association (HMI) in the West Java city of Bogor where Bush's visit is to take place. The students, who said the visit would only damage Indonesia, also burn US flags and called on all elements of society to demonstrate Bush's arrival in Bogor on November 20.

Last Saturday, protesters from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia and the Islamic Defenders Front in Bogor also protested against Bush. (Liputan 6, 9/11/2006)

Theatrical action in Lampung opposes Bush's visit

George Bush's planned visit to Indonesia continues to draw opposition. In the Lampung provincial capital of Lampung, students held a theatrical action at the Radin Intan Monument on November 10 in which they depicted the government selling the Indonesian people into poverty in order become the US's slave.

In the West Java regency of Banten, some 40 students from a number of tertiary institutions blockaded Jl. Protocol in the city of Serang during a protest against Bush's visit.

Hundreds of members and sympathisers of the Justice and Prosperity demonstrated in the Central Java city of Solo saying that Bush's visit would cause financial losses to the country because of the high cost of providing security for the visit. They also criticized the construction of a helipad at the Bogor Botanical Gardens. (Liputan 6, 11/11/2006)

Anti-Bush demonstrators burn US flags

In the West Java provincial capital of Bandung, students demonstrated against Bush in front of a city shopping center on November 11. As well as giving speeches against unfair US policies, they also trampled on and burnt an effigy of Bush and set fire to US flags.

Police forcibly broke up a similar student action held in the Dago area because in addition to disrupting traffic, the protests continue beyond the allowed time.

In the West Java city of Cirebon, a number of actions were held by the Indonesian Muslim Students Action Front (KAMMI), who aside from opposing Bush's visit also rejected US interference in Indonesia.

In the West Java city of Sukabumi, an action opposing the visit was held by hundreds of protesters from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia at the Sukabumi Regional House of Representatives who handed out brochures to onlookers that accused Bush of committing crimes in various parts of the world. (Liputan 6, 12/11/2006)

Yogyakarta student accuse Bush of being war criminal

Actions opposing Bush's visit have also spread to the Central Java city of Yogyakarta where hundreds of students form the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) held a protest at the campus roundabout on November 13. In addition to giving speeches the students also set fire to photographs of Bush. Initiated by the UGM Student Executive Council (BEM), students also put up posters reading "Reject Bush's visit" and "Bush is a war criminal". (Tempo Interactive, 13/11/2006)

More demonstrations against Bush's visit

A series of demonstrations opposing the planned visit by George W. Bush on November 20 have taken place over the last week.

On November 14 protesters from the Destroy Bush Bogor Alliance (ABG Bush) demonstrated at the Kujang Monument condemning the visit. In a statement, the alliance said that Bush's visit represented a counter-revolutionary movement by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

Bush is a symbol of global neo-imperialism and in the context of Indonesia is against the 1945 Constitution that explicitly opposes all forms of imperialism said ABG Bush spokesperson Maya. The US's expansion into Afghanistan and Iraq is concrete evidence that Bush is a "barbaric reactionary" and his support for Israel that has consumed no small number of victims in Palestine and Lebanon represents the double standards of US foreign policy said Maya.

Protest against the visit has been increasing over the last week with actions being held by student groups as well as Islamic mass organisations.

The Islamic Community Forum (FUI) has not only condemned the visit but will issue a motion of no confidence in President Yudhoyono if he remains determined to receive Bush as a state guest. FUI chairperson Mashadi said that the visit illustrates that Yudhoyono no longer has any sensitivity to the complaints of the world Islamic community in general and Indonesia in particular.

The motion of no confidence, which has already been signed by several important and influential figures in the Islamic community as well as a number of institutions and mass organisations, will be forward to the Palace if Bush's visit goes ahead. (Media Indonesia, 14/11/2006)

Opposing Bush's visit, Makassar students burn picture of monkey

A picture of a person wearing a full suit and with the face of a monkey with the word "Bush" written above it was set alight during a protest by students from the Indonesian Muslim University in Makassar on November 13.

Before being burnt, the picture was held up by students as they took turns in giving speeches in which they called on the Indonesian people to oppose Bush's visit to Indonesia. The protesters also closed off half of the road and detained a Pertamina oil company tanker upon which they also gave lively speeches.

A similar action was held at the Reformasi Toll road intersection by members of BEM from the 45 University in which they burn posters with Bush's picture. They also set fire to old tyres on the toll road causing traffic to be disrupted. (, 14/11/2006)

'Bush' gives speech in Bogor

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was overseeing security preparations for a visit by George Bush at the Bogor Palace when, eh... "Bush" began giving a speech in front of the gates of the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

But no, it wasn't the real Bush but Rudi, a student from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) wearing a mask with a picture of Bush during a demonstration on November 13.

"You know, I love this country, so I will provide additional loans to Indonesia. With this debt, I will obtain absolute control over Indonesia", said "Bush" alias Rudi, who was greeted with boos and shouts from his colleges.

The protest, which had been going on since morning was still continuing as of 1pm while five students attempted to meet with Yudhoyono. (, 14/11/2006)

Bush rides pedicab to Bogor Palace

Even though the helipad has already been completed, it turns out that President Bush decided to ride a pedicab to the Bogor Palace. Driven by President Yudhoyono, the pedicab delivered Bush "by land" to the Palace.

Of course the George Bush sitting in the pedicab was not the real Bush but a man wearing a mask with his picture on it. Likewise with the pedicab driver who was not the real Yudhoyono but a man wearing a Yudhoyono mask. The same was the case with the Vice President Jusuf Kalla who rode alongside Bush in another pedicab.

This is an illustration of an action by 100 IPB students who held a rally to the Bogor Palace on November 13. The image of Bush riding a pedicab driven by Yudhoyono attracted a great deal attention from photo journalists who wanted to immortalise the picture. As his picture was taken, Bush grudgingly smiled and waved. Yudhoyono, who looked board and tired driving the pedicab also waved, as did Kalla.

And behind Bush's pedicab marched 100 students shouting "Bush is a war criminal, a human rights violator and will destroy [him]". (, 14/11/2006)

Students call Bush an enemy of world peace

Hundreds of students from KAMMI in the South Kalimantan provincial capital of Banjarmasin demonstrated on November 14 against the planned visit by George Bush. During the protest, which was held in the form of a march around the city, the student condemned Bush calling him the enemy of world peace. (Liputan 6, 14/11/2006)

Semarang students oppose Bush visit, Yudhoyono also

Students in the East Java provincial capital of Semarang protesting Bush's visit have also expressed their opposition to President Yudhoyono visiting Semarang.

The demonstration was held by around 50 students from KAMMI at the Water Fountain Roundabout on November 14. Wearing read jackets and white headbands with the writing "Reject Bush", the protesters brought an effigy of Bush made out of cardboard and US flags. The also brought posters with messages such as "Reject the global colonialists", "Reject the mother of imperialism" and "Reject Bush".

In speeches they said that Bush's showed that the Indonesian government is a coward in allowing Bush to visit. "How can a meeting of only four hours be able to consume funds of 6 billion rupiah? This is totally out of line with the conditions of the Indonesian people who are currently suffering crisis", said KAMMI coordinator Asep Teguh Firmansyah. They also called on Indonesians to boycott US made products.

After giving speeches and singing songs, protesters set fire to the effigy of Bush and the US flags. (, 14/11/2006)

[Translated by James Balowski.]