Get to know the new party though demonstrations

Java Post – November 17, 2006
People's Democratic Party rally against electricity tariff hike in Jakarta (Tribune)
People's Democratic Party rally against electricity tariff hike in Jakarta (Tribune)

Yogyakarta – Scores of protesters demonstrated in front of the Agung State Place Building in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta yesterday criticising the state of the nation, particularly in relation to the foreign debt. The protesters came from the Yogyakarta chapter of the Preparatory Committee for the National Liberation Party of Unity (KP-Papernas).

Action spokesperson Eman Sulaiman said that the organisation represents a new embryonic political party that is aiming to become a vehicle for the people’s struggle in creating sovereignty. According to Sulaiman, the people must be free from oppression and repression in all areas such as the economy, politics and culture.

“Indonesia is currently in a situation of not being unable to stand on its own feet [berdikari] in terms of the economy so that it cannot be independent. The state is dependent upon foreigners”, asserted Sulaiman, which was reinforced by his friends who were giving speeches in front of the Agung Building front gates.

In Sulaiman’s opinion, Indonesia’s economic resources are controlled by powers that exploit and profit on a huge scale in their own interests. As a consequence, the Indonesian people are unable to enjoy prosperity.

These powers are in fact are seeking direct control of the national economy, starting with small things such as mining and the banking industry. This can be seen from the sale of strategic state assets to foreign parties. The consequence of this is that profits no longer fall in to the hands of the state but into the pockets of the capitalists and liberals.

Imperialist powers

Sulaiman went on to explain that the countries that have joined with the United States are the imperialist powers that are attempting to regulate Indonesia and other developing countries so that they follow their polices. Moreover, they are also trying to control the legislator. “As a consequence, the political elite from the parties that sit on the legislator have failed to struggle for and bring prosperity to the ordinary people”, said Sulaiman.

KP-Papernas was formed to become an alternative political vehicle for the people, to struggle against the parties and elite that are tools of the imperialists. The organisation has no hesitation in going out into the streets to campaign for the wishes of the people.

During yesterday’s action, they demanded the abolition of the foreign debt and the take over of industries that are beneficial to the people such as oil, gas, electricity and communication. They also said that the government must employ ordinary people in fields that to date have been controlled by foreigners.

“Cheap education along with an increase to workers’ wages are one of the central concerns of our struggle. Because up until now it has been clearly seen that education is becoming more and more expensive, so that the ordinary people such as workers, farmers and street traders can no longer send their children to school”, explained Sulaiman. (D19-39s)

[Translated by James Balowski.]