Environmental NGOs demonstrate against Muria nuclear power plant

Detik.com – June 25, 2007
Greenpeace activists protests against Muria nuclear power plant (Detik)
Greenpeace activists protests against Muria nuclear power plant (Detik)

Iqbal Fadil, Jakarta – The construction of the Muria nuclear power plant (PLTN) in Central Java continues to attract criticism from various circles who say the construction as bring a new catastrophe to the Indonesian ecology and a disaster to the environmental sustainability.

Some 20 people from Environmental Parliament Watch (EPW) held a demonstration at the House of Representatives (DPR) in Senayan in South Jakarta on Monday June 25.

Giving speeches from a sound system on a car, they demanded that the government cancel the joint contract to build the reactor. “There is no cure for the effects of nuclear radiation on humans or animals. The impact of environmental damage will not be easily repaired”, said action coordinator Marwan Aziz.

According to Aziz, the government should be prioritising alternative energy sources that are abundant in Indonesia such as solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, bio-fuels, tidal energy and other potential energy sources that are environmentally friendly. “There are 32 nuclear power plants in the world and six of them have experienced leaks, including among others in the Ukraine, the US and Canada”, he said.

Several representatives were given permission to enter the DPR where they will meet with the Minister for the Environment, Sony Keraf who is a member of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Faction.  (aan/sss)

[Translated by James Balowski.]