Victims of Aceh conflict to hold second congress in July

Aceh Kita – July 19, 2007
SPKP HAM Aceh coordinator Ali Zamzami (Waspada)
SPKP HAM Aceh coordinator Ali Zamzami (Waspada)

Banda Aceh – Victims of the Aceh conflict being assisted by the group Fraternal Solidarity for Victims of Human Rights Violations (SPKP HAM) will hold their second congress in Saree in the Lembah Seulawah sub-district of Greater Aceh on July 20-23.

SPKP HAM Aceh coordinator Ali Zamzami said that the congress will be attended by some 300 participants consisting of victims of human rights violations from across Aceh, the founders of SPKP, observers and other invited guests. “The congress will push for and provide justice in contributing to the peace process as a channel to voice the wishes of the victims of human rights violations”, Zamzami said in a press release sent to Aceh Kita on Thursday July 19.

In addition to choosing a management board and formulating a structure for the organisation, the congress will also be garnering support for and building an alliance that will be effecting in organising other victims.

Appearing at the second congress will be Ifdal Kasim (the commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission), Suciwati (wife of the late Munir), members of the National Commission on Violence Against Women, Faisal Hadi (the executive director of the Coalition of Non-Government Human Rights Organisations), Mugiyanto (Indonesian Association of the Families of Missing Persons), Asiah (Aceh Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence) and representatives from groups supporting the victims of violence in West Papua, Tanjung Priok and East Timor. [dzie]