Special park for protesters to be built in redesigned parliament

Detik.com – September 5, 2007
Shields stacked in front of DPR building (Kumparan)
Shields stacked in front of DPR building (Kumparan)

Umi Kalsum, Jakarta – The master plan for the redesign of the House of Representatives (DPR) building will accommodate protesters who wish to convey their wishes to the representatives of the people. They are to be provided with a special plot of land.

“So later they won’t need to demonstrate on Jl. Gatot Subroto anymore so it won’t cause traffic jams and create any more problems”, said United Development Party faction secretary Lukman Hakiem when speaking with Detik.com on Wednesday September 5.

A space for protesters could be built on the Taman Ria park which is part of the DPR’s land.

“Yeah, well what else can we do, before [they were] given a place behind [the DPR], [but they] didn’t want it because [they couldn’t] be seen by people. The plan is that if the Taman Ria park which is owned by the DPR can be used, we can make a area for demonstrations. So [they] don’t [have to demonstrate] on the side of the road anymore,” said Hakiem.

In addition to this there are also discussions about building a recreational park in the vicinity of the DPR. This is being developed by the DPR’s performance team led by DPR speaker Agung Laksono before the parliament goes into recess. (umi/nrl)

[Translated by James Balowski.]