Hendropriyono would have signed order, Muchdi just the executor

Detik.com – June 21, 2008
Former BIN chief retired General A.M. Hendropriyono (Alchetron)
Former BIN chief retired General A.M. Hendropriyono (Alchetron)

Rafiqa Qurrata A, Jakarta – The plan to eliminate Munir was reportedly hatched during a National Intelligence Agency (BIN) leadership meeting that took place in 2004. Muchdi Purwo Prandjono – who at the time was Deputy Chief V at BIN – was actually nothing more than the executor.

“That was the result of the joint meeting, the one that took the decision was of course BIN chief Hendropriyono. Muchdi was just the executor, because his post was deputy chief for agent mobilisation”, said Soeripto, the deputy chairperson of the House of Representatives Commission III on law and human rights and intelligence observer when speaking with Detik.com on Saturday June 21.

Soeripto explained that from the information that he has gathered the meeting took place several weeks before Munir died on September 7, 2004. “Around one or two weeks earlier”, said the bald headed man.

The meeting, he continued, was chaired by BIN chief A.M. Hendropriyono. Present at the meeting, among others, was BIN Deputy Chief M. As’ad Said Ali, Deputy II for Security Affairs Manunggal Maladi, Deputy V for Agent Mobilisation Muchdi and BIN Secretary Nurhadi, who now holds the post of Indonesian Ambassador to Kenya.

“There was only one agenda item at the meeting, eliminating Munir”, said the Justice and Prosperity Party politician.

Soeripto is asking that all BIN officials who were present at the meeting be questioned by those investigating the Munir case. “All of these issues must be examined, he added. (fiq/ana)

[Translated by James Balowski.]