Seven protest actions to enliven Jakarta today

Source – October 16, 2008
Students protest in front of DPR in Jakarta (tribunnews)
Students protest in front of DPR in Jakarta (tribunnews)

Moksa Hutasoit, Jakarta – It is as if protest actions are never absent from the lives of Jakarta residents. Today, seven demonstrations will be held by various different groups across Greater Jakarta.

Based on data from the Metro Jaya regional police Traffic Management Centre for Thursday October 16, the first protest action will take place at 8am at the State Palace, the offices of the Department for State-Owned Enterprises, the House of Representatives building and the national police headquarters.

Between 10am and 4pm, it will be the turn of the Victims of the Curator Employees Alliance (AKKK) to hold an action at the Supreme Court, the State Palace and the Constitutional Court.

At 10am, the offices of the Central Leadership Board of the National Awakening Party on Jl. Sukabumi, in the Menteng area of Central Jakarta will be visited by the Jakarta Papua Social Solidarity Forum (FSMPJ).

Starting at 11am, the Legal Aid Foundation Red and White Militia (LBH-LMP) will be patrolling the central office of the state housing company Perum Perumnas on Jl. DI Panjaitan in East Jakarta.

Also at 11am, Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia will hold an action at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in Central Jakarta.

At 2pm meanwhile, the Jakarta Office for Primary Education in Jatinegara, East Jakarta, will be visited by the Teachers Reform Forum (FGR).

The State Palace will again be the location for a protest action at 4pm by the Solidarity Network for Victims and Families of Victims (JSKKK).

Even though without the presence of protest actions Jakarta’s traffic will continue to be congested, it is advised that you try to avoid these locations. (mok/mok)

[Translated by James Balowski.]