Cirebon students blockade road, give government the ‘bottoms up’

Source – October 20, 2011
Cirebon Students hijack fuel truck (Sindo)
Cirebon Students hijack fuel truck (Sindo)

Faiq Rhesa, Cirebon – Around 20 students from the Reformasi Student Front (FMR) blockaded Java’s northern coast road at the intersection of Jl. Brigjend Darsono and Jl. Pemuda in the West Java city of Cirebon on Thursday October 20.

The action was held to mark the second year of the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and Vice President Boediono.

As well as blockading the road, the students also hijacked a passing truck, which they then used as a platform to read out their criticisms of the government. As a reward for the Yudhoyono administration’s tardiness, the students presented the government with a gift of their backsides by giving it ‘bottoms up’.

Security personnel from the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) C Detachment from the West Java regional police and officers from the Cirebon city police moved in and attempted to stop the action. Several students were pushed and shoved by police and a number were kicked. One student fell to the ground and was left sprawled on the road. The traffic on the coast road meanwhile came to a halt because of the action.

“The administration of SBY-Boediono has been slow going. Social problems have grown, education costs have jumped and the government does nothing”, said one of the demonstrators.

In the end a clash broke out between the students and security personnel and one student fainted. (anw/anw)

Source: Demo 2 Tahun SBY-Boediono, Mahasiswa di Cirebon Sandera Truk – detikNews. Kamis, 20/10/2011

 [Translated by James Balowski.]