Workers in Aceh call for ratification of labour law, social security

Atjeh Post – May 1, 2012
Acehnese workers rally against low wages and outsourcing (Antara)
Acehnese workers rally against low wages and outsourcing (Antara)

Taufan Mustafa, Banda Aceh – A demonstration commemorating International Labour Day in the Achenese provincial capital of Banda Aceh on Tuesday May 1 began with a convoy from the Raya Baiturrahman Mosque to the Aceh governor’s office.

The protest was then continued at the Aceh House of Representatives (DPRA). In speeches the workers conveyed their wishes to DPRA Deputy Speaker Amir Helmi. One of the workers’ demands was for the DPRA to immediacy ratify a qanun (bylaw) on labour.

“Hopefully these aspirations will be conveyed to the concerned party, the qanun on labour will be deliberated again. Workers also have to be covered by Jamsostek (workers social security program)”, aid Helmi.

After protesting at the DPRA, the demonstrators continued the action at the Simpang Lima traffic circle in Banda Aceh.

[Demo Hari Buruh di Banda Aceh – Atjeh Pos. Selasa, 01 Mei 2012. Translated by James Balowski.]