Workers in Jakarta hold candle lit vigil to mourn Chavez’s death

Detik News – March 6, 2013
Sekber Buruh hold candle lit vigil at Hotel Indonesia traffic for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez - March 6, 2013 (Detik)
Sekber Buruh hold candle lit vigil at Hotel Indonesia traffic for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez - March 6, 2013 (Detik)

Ari Saputra, Jakarta – Scores of people from the Greater Jakarta Labour Joint Secretariat (Sekber Buruh Jabotabek) held a candle lit vigil at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta on Wednesday evening for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The peaceful action candle lit vigil, which was joined by around 20, both adults and children, put up posters in support of Chavez’s ideas and struggle. They also brought a long banner with the message, “Solidarity and condolences of the Indonesian people for Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan people, a pro-people anti-capitalist president”.

“We join in mourning a great figure like Hugo Chavez. Hugo’s death causes deep sorrow for the poor throughout the world who are seeking a road to liberation from the capitalist economic and political system”, said action coordinator Sultoni, speaking at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle on Wednesday March 6.

According to the group, Chavez’s successfully built a society that is independent and free from Western influence. Chavez showed courage in carrying out a program of nationalisation by promoting people’s control over private companies that previously controlled the necessities of life. This was done to support all of the populist programs.

“Our leaders should follow the example of Chavez’s struggle who carried out nationalisations and [his] anti-capitalist [stand]. We have lost a person who was an example to the ordinary people”, added Sultoni.

The group said that Chavez succeeded in building around 11,500 healthcare centres. In the education field, Chavez created the motto “Togetherness, to understand and to work”. Schools were established everywhere as far as the most isolated settlements and indigenous ethnic communities in the Chavez Mountains. Schools for traditional societies were made free.

The participants finally disbanded after around one hour. Scores of uniformed and plain-clothed police officers could be seen monitoring the peaceful action from a distance. (Ari/fdn)

[Puluhan Orang Nyalakan Lilin di Bundaran HI untuk Hugo Chavez – detikNews. Rabu, 06/03/2013. Translated by James Balowski.]