Women in Mojokerto demand free childcare, 30% representation in parliament

Tribune News – March 8, 2013
International Women's Day rally in Mojokerto - March 8, 2013 (Tribune)
International Women's Day rally in Mojokerto - March 8, 2013 (Tribune)

Faiq Nuraini, Mojokerto – Scores of women from the Mojokerto Women’s Struggle Alliance (APPM) and Perempuan Mahardika (Free Women) Mojokerto took to the streets of the East Java city of Mojokerto on Friday March 8.

Riding motorcycles along the main road and wearing headscarves, the women gave speeches demanding their rights. In addition to calling for women representatives in parliament, they also urged regional governments to provide free childcare facilities.

“Regional governments must pay attention to women and children”, said action coordinator Estin Sriwahyuni during the protest at the Mojokerto municipal government offices.

In addition to this, the women also loudly shouted for women representatives, demanding a minimum of 30 percent representation of women on the Regional House of Representatives.

“The KPUD [Regional General Elections Commission] must firmly refusing to allow parties through that do not meet the 30 percent [quota] of women candidates in Mojokerto”, said Iis Ratnawati from Perempuan Mahardika.

As of going to print, the protesters were still demonstrating with placards and banners calling for regulations that side with women.

In addition to the Mojokerto municipal and regency government offices, they also held actions at the Mojokerto municipal and regency KPUD offices.

[Perempuan Mojokerto Tuntut Sediakan Penitipan Anak Gratis – Tribunnews.com. Jumat, 8 Maret 2013. Translated by James Balowski.]