Islamic police net 35 women for straddling motorcycles in Aceh

Source – April 12, 2013
Public Order Agency officer pulls over women driver in Aceh (
Public Order Agency officer pulls over women driver in Aceh (

Imran MA, Lhokseumawe – Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) officers and Sharia police (Wilayatul Hisbah) began conducted raids on motorcycle riders on the main roads of Lhokseumawe city in Northern Aceh on April 12.

They were upholding an order prohibiting women passengers from straddling motorcycles that came into force last January. As many as 35 women were netted in the raids.

The acting head of Satpol PP and WH Lhokseumawe, Irsyadi, said that the raid was the start of a campaign to uphold the prohibition. “This is the start of the implementation of the order. Through our actions today perhaps people will know better”, said Irsyadi on Friday.

In the future, he added, officials will continue to conduct raids while socialising the policy. If there are residents that fail to obey, Satpol PP will provide advice and ask them to comply with the order.

The appeal or advice to women motorcycle passengers not to straddle motorcycles in Lhokseumawe, which mayor [Suaidi Yahya] has began campaigning for since January 1, has received support and opposition from residents in the city near the former PT Arun natural gas plant.

[Razia Ngangkang di Aceh, 35 Orang Terjaring – Jum’at, 12 April 2013. Translated by James Balowski.]