Government outlaws labour protests in ‘vital’ industrial sectors

Source – August 28, 2013
Signing of MoU between police and Ministry of Industry - August 28, 2013 (Detik)
Signing of MoU between police and Ministry of Industry - August 28, 2013 (Detik)

Zulfi Suhendra, Jakarta – A number of companies and industrial zones have been included as Indonesian National Vital Objects (OVNI) in the industrial sector and now come under government protection. This protection covers security threats against OVNIs.

Indonesian Police chief (Kapolri) General Timur Pradopo explained that in relation to joint cooperation with the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), there are at least 38 industries and 10 industrial zones that come under this protection. With this agreement, the national police will provide optimal protection of these sectors.

“We continue to work jointly managing and anticipating matters pertaining to security measures. Particularly in the industrial sector, the main factor stimulating national economic growth. It’s not that we weren’t already doing this, but now it is being better optimised”, said Pradopo at the offices of the Ministry of Industry on Jl. Gatot Subroto in South Jakarta on Wednesday August 28.

Pradopo said that the national police will respond to threats against the industrial sector that cover conventional crimes, terrorism, demonstrations [strikes], sweeps [by workers] and other security disturbances. “Responding to these disturbances requires comprehensive measures. So they do not develop into disturbances”, he said.

Pradopo said that the perpetrators of threats and disturbances against the industrial sector that involve violence and criminal acts, will obviously be processed legally and probably face criminal penalties. “All matters related to violence are protected by law. If it is a legal violation, obviously it will be dealt with legally”, he explained. (zul/hen)

[Kapolri: Ancaman dan Kekerasan Terhadap Industri akan Ditindak Secara Hukum – Detikfinance. Rabu, 28/08/2013. Translated by James Balowski.]