Gubernatorial candidate Baswedan promises to end discrimination against ‘Hijabers’

Detik News – January 20, 2017
Anies Baswedan - January 2017 (Detik)
Anies Baswedan - January 2017 (Detik)

Noval Dhwinuari Antony, Jakarta – Jakarta gubernatorial candidates Anies Rasyid Baswedan has held a dialog with the hijab community (hijabers) in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The problem of discrimination for women who wear hijabs, veils or jilbabs was one of the issues discussed in the dialogue.

The meeting was held by Baswedan at the Typologi Cafe on Jl. Wijaya I No. 5C on Thursday January 19 and attended by several members of the hijabers community.

“Actually this meeting was first of all to elaborate our vision, second to hear [the community’s] aspirations”, Baswedan told journalists.

The dialogue held by Baswedan was to absorb the aspirations of the communality who conveyed their many hopes to him. “So the questions that were conveyed were questions about aspirations. So it was not just questions, but hopes”, he said.

Among the issues that were highlighted during the dialogue was the problem of discrimination against women who wear hijabs. Jakarta, said Baswedan, must move forward together and be appreciated by its residents without discrimination.

“The problem of discrimination against women wearing the hijab inside, in the workplace. So they stated that if indeed Jakarta wants to become a city that moves forward together, that is happy, then it must provide the same opportunities for everyone”, he explained.

In order to achieve this, Baswedan promised that [if he is election] he would treat all Jakarta residents the same. “Including those who wear the hijab, and I say to them, I have a commitment that Jakarta will not be allowed to become a discriminative city. In Jakarta everyone must be treated the same”, he said in conclusion.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the report was Anies Janji Jakarta Bebas Diskriminasi terhadap Hijabers.]