Ice cream factory workers strike demanding permanent employment, decent wages

Go Bekasi – November 20, 2017
Striking PT Alpen Food Industry workers - November 19, 2017 (Tribune)
Striking PT Alpen Food Industry workers - November 19, 2017 (Tribune)

Cikarang – On Monday November 20 some 644 PT Alpen Food Industry or PT Aice workers went on strike in protest against the ice cream company.

The workers were on alert in front of the factory located on Jl. Selayar II, Block H Number 10, in the MM 2100 Industrial Zone of West Cikarang. They did not carry out any activities in front of the factory.

Strike coordinator Panji explained that the workers are making two demands on PT Aice. First, that 644 workers be promoted to permanent employees and second that PT Aice reemploy the workers that have been sacked and make them permanent as well.

“Why are we on strike? Because the company has violated Article 59 of Law Number 13/2003 on Labour. We as temporary workers have never been given a [decent] wage, and when it is given it’s late”, he said.

With regard to the work contract, continued Panji, workers have already obtained six or seven without any resolution and they feel that this is also burdening them.

“Actually we have already had negotiations, so now we are on strike, because we have fulfilled the requirements. We will continue to strike until a decision is handed down on the 644 people”, said Panji.

According to their plan, the workers will remain on strike for several weeks starting from November 17 through to December 2. (dam/gob)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was 644 Buruh PT Alpen Food Industry Mogok Kerja, Ini 2 Tuntutan Mereka.]