Families of criminalised environmental activists protest at Jokowi’s mother’s house

Sukoharjo Sorot – July 31, 2018
Protesters from MPL march to Widodo's mothers house - July 29, 2018 (Sorot)
Protesters from MPL march to Widodo's mothers house - July 29, 2018 (Sorot)

Vitriana Dhessy, Sukoharjo – Families demanding justice for those charged with vandalising the company PT Rayon Utama Makmur (RUM) are continuing to protest.

As if they do not know the meaning of the word tired, they have continued fighting to the last drop of blood to win their demands.

As was the case on Monday July 29 when scores of people from the Environment Concern Society (MPL) marched to the residence of President Joko Widodo’s mother in Sumber Solo to express their feelings and hold a friendship gathering for justice.

Although the heat was intense, it did not however diminish their determination to take action. Moving off from one of the resident’s homes on Jl. Celep Nguter, they march passionately without concern for the sweat that continued to drip down their faces.

Not discriminating between women and men, for them the demand for justice was all that mattered. “I just want to express my feelings, and hold a friendly gathering to ask for justice”, said Feni, the wife of one of the suspects Sukemi.

Unfurling banners reading “A Friendly Gathering for Justice” and flying red-and-white flags, they marched oblivious to the intense heat. The action was closely guarded by police.

As has been reported, the vandalism of the PT RUM factory in Plesan Village occurred following a protest action by local residents. As a result, seven residents were arrested by the Sukoharjo police.

Local residents say the arrests were unjust because they were people fighting to articulate their demand that the foul smell emanating from the PT RUM factory be dealt with.

To this day the long suffering of the families persists because their efforts to call for justice and have the seven suspects released have not been realised.

The seven arrested residents are Bambang Wahyudi, Danang, Sukemi, Muhammad Hisbun Payu, Sutarno, Brilian and Kelvin. They were sentenced to jail and have been serving time at the Kedungpane prison in Semarang since February.

[Slightly abridged translation by James Balowski. The original title of the article was Ingin Curhat, Keluarga Terdakwa Jalan Kaki ke Rumah Ibu Jokowi.]

Source: http://sukoharjo.sorot.co/berita-2536-ingin-curhat-keluarga-terdakwa-jalan-kaki-ke-rumah-ibu-jokowi.html