Survey shows drop in support for Prabowo among Islamic ormas post 212 reunion

Source – December 19, 2018
Researcher Adjie Alfaraby and moderator Ade Mulyana – December 19, 2018 (Akurat)
Researcher Adjie Alfaraby and moderator Ade Mulyana – December 19, 2018 (Akurat)

Muslimin – A survey by the Denny JA Indonesia Survey Circle (LSI) has concluded that Islamic ormas (mass organisations) are beginning to abandon the Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno presidential ticket following the 212 Reunion rally in Jakarta on December 2.

This conclusion was based on the results of a Denny JA LSI survey of 1,200 respondents on December 5-12 in 34 provinces. The survey was carried out using a multi-stage random sampling method with a 2.8 percent margin of error.

“Support for Prabowo-Sandi among voters who declare an affiliation with [the Islamic mass organisations] NU [Nahdlatul Ulama] and Muhammadiyah has seen a decline in votes”, said LSI Denny JA researcher Adjie Alfaraby when explaining the survey results at the LSI Denny JA offices in Central Jakarta on Wednesday December 19.

Alfaraby said that among NU voters in November, support for Prabowo-Sandiaga stood at 30.2 percent. This however declined to 28.6 percent after the 212 reunion.

Support has also declined among Muhammadiyah voters. In November, support for Prabowo-Sandiaga among Muhammadiyah voters stood at 40.7 percent. Post the 212 reunion it has dropped to 38.4 percent.

Alfaraby said that post 212 there was also a drop in support among voters who are not affiliated to any ormas. In November support for Prabowo-Sandiaga stood at 33.1 percent. After the 212 reunion this dropped to 30.8 percent.

Alfaraby said that while support for Prabowo-Sandiaga has declined among Islamic ormas, support from those affiliated with the Alumni 212 [PA 212, the organisers behind 212] and the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) has increased.

In November support among FPI supporters stood at 68.3 percent. Post the 212 reunion this increased to 74.8 percent. This was also the case within the PA 212 community. In November only 70.4 percent supported Prabowo-Sandiaga. Post 212 this rose to 82.6 percent.

“Support for Prabowo among the PA 212 and FPI community has grown since the 212 reunion”, he concluded.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “Survei LSI Denny JA, Dukungan Ormas Islam ke Prabowo-Sandi Menurun”.]