Civil society activists scatter flowers to symbolise KPK’s death

Detik News – September 17, 2019
Civil Society Coalition activists scatter flowers at KPK building – September 17, 2019 (Detik)
Civil Society Coalition activists scatter flowers at KPK building – September 17, 2019 (Detik)

Ibnu Hariyanto, Jakarta – The Civil Society Coalition and employees of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held a funeral procession at the KPK building in Jakarta on Tuesday. The action was held to symbolise the death of the KPK following the ratification of revisions to Law Number 30/2002 on the KPK.

The action was held in front of the KPK building lobby on Jl Kuningan Persada in South Jakarta on Tuesday September 17. The participants arrived wearing masks to conceal their faces.

They began the action by walking out of the KPK lobby carrying a yellow flag (symbolising the death of a person) and a poster with the message “The KPK is Dead”.

They then put a tombstone in front of the doors to the KPK lobby with the writing “RIP KPK”, around which was placed lighted candles.

The participants took turns in scattering flowers on the tombstone accompanied by the refrains of the song Ibu Pertiwi (The Motherland).

“This symbolises the murder of the KPK by the DPR [House of Representatives] and the president, after the KPK has carried out its duty of eradicating corruption since 2002. Why was this symbol chosen, because the DPR and the president should prioritise the eradication of corruption above all other things”, said Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) Director Aspinawita at the demonstration.

As reported earlier, DPR ratified revisions to the KPK Law during a plenary session on Tuesday September 17. The RUU KPK was ratified despite a huge wave of protests by various elements of society.

Revisions to the KPK law have been opposed by professors, academics, civil society groups and even the KPK itself because they are seen as killing off the anti-corruption agency. The DPR however, went ahead and passed the revisions. (ibh/knv)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “Koalisi Masyarakat Gelar Aksi Tabur Bunga Sebagai Simbol Matinya KPK”.]