Government’s own rights commission recommends dropping Omnibus Law

Source – August 13, 2020
Labour rally in Jakarta against Omnibus Law – Undated (Tempo)

Irfan Kamil, Jakarta – National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) Commissioner for Study and Research, Sandrayati Moniaga, says that the commission is recommending that deliberations on the Draft Omnibus Law on Job Creation (RUU Cipta Kerja) not be continued.

According to Moniaga, this recommendation is being made in the framework of respecting, protecting and upholding human rights (HAM) for all Indonesian people.

“I want to confirm that Komnas HAM is recommending to the president and the DPR [House of Representatives] not to continue deliberations on the RUU Cipta Kerja in consideration of its potential to violate HAM”, said Moniaga during a press conference on Thursday August 13.

“The potential for this law to cause environmental damage is [also] very high”, he said.

Moniaga said that the process of deliberating the Omnibus Law also failed to involve the public and this, he said, is not in accordance with human rights in a democratic country.

“The deliberation process and also the substance being discussed that we have seen is not in accordance with, is not in line with the principles of human rights and a democratic country”, said Moniaga.

Komnas HAM also believes that continuing the deliberations on the draft law would be a setback for the country.

This is because for years and years Indonesia has been trying hard to build a democratic country which respects human rights, and a country which cares about the law. Moreover Indonesia is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

“We think that if the process of drafting the UU Cipta Kerja is continued, it will be a huge step back [for the country]”, said Moniaga.

“But if it is continued and is enacted into law, I think it will truly be in contradiction with what has been achieved by the Indonesia nation over the last 75 years”, said Moniaga.

Komnas HAM has been paying close attention to and taking note of the views expressed by civil society groups in relation to the Omnibus Law which has the potential to threaten the respect, protection and upholding of human rights.

Based on the mandate and authority vested in Article 89 Paragraph (1) Point b of the Human Rights Law, Komnas HAM has carried out a study of the Draft Omnibus Law and its conclusions and recommendations will be forwarded the president of the Republic of Indonesia and the DPR.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “Berpotensi Langgar HAM, Komnas HAM Minta Pembahasan RUU Cipta Kerja Tak Dilanjutkan”.]