Fearing for nation’s future, lawmaker urges TNI to solve its LGBT ‘problem’

Detik News – October 15, 2020
National Awakening Party lawmaker Abdul Kadir Karding – Undated (Istimewa)

Rahel, Jakarta – The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) issue has again come under the spotlight after several Indonesian military (TNI) personnel were dismissed for having same-sex relationships.

House of Representatives (DPR) Commission I member from the Islamic based National Awakening Party (PKB), Abdul Kadir Karding, asserted that Indonesia as a country does not recognise the tradition of LGBT.

“Actually our country, in traditional as well as legal terms, does not recognise allowing LGBT, yes”, Karding told journalists on Thursday October 15.

Karding said that LGBT cannot be allowed to develop because it will have a negative impact on the development of the Indonesian nation. He is asking that the LGBT problem within the TNI’s ranks be overcome.

“I think that it must be overcome quickly if it’s true that there is data [on it] in the TNI as an institution. Solutions must be found quickly. What’s clear is that it cannot be allowed to develop and carries severe risks and is not good for the future development of our nation”, said Karding.

Karding appealed to the TNI to overcome the LGBT problem within its ranks and again asserted that the Indonesian nation does not accommodate LGBT lifestyles.

“Once again our country does not accommodate these kinds of lifestyles, particularly LGBT. It’s not recognised. So it must be overcome quickly by the TNI leadership”, he said.

As has been reported earlier, the Semarang II-10 Military Court in East Java dishonorably discharged Praka (chief private) P from the TNI after it was proven that he had had same-sex relations with another soldier. As well as being discharged from the military, he was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

The verdict was posted on the Supreme Court’s official website on Wednesday October 14. P had served as a soldier with the TNI since 2008. (hel/gbr)

[Abridged translation by James Balowski. The second part of the article covered remarks by the TNI that it will act firmly against LGBT members in its ranks and is covered in an earlier Indoleft posting. The original title of the article was “Oknum TNI Dipecat karena Seks Sejenis, Legislator PKB: LGBT Harus Diatasi”.]

Source: https://news.detik.com/berita/d-5215211/oknum-tni-dipecat-karena-seks-sejenis-legislator-pkb-lgbt-harus-diatasi