Government has never stopped trying to resolve past rights violations: Jokowi

Kumparan – December 10, 2020
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President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has given virtual greetings to mark International Human Rights (HAM) Day during an event held by the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM). During the event, Widodo stressed the importance of protecting human rights.

"We have the same commitment, that the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights is an important pillar for Indonesia to become a more civilised, stronger and advanced nation", said Widodo on Thursday December 10.

In addition to this, Widodo asserted that the government has never stopped trying to resolve past human rights cases. He claimed to have ordered Coordinating Minister for Security, Politics and Legal Affairs (Menkopolhukam) Mahfud MD to follow up on resolving past human rights cases in a way which will satisfy all parties.

"The government has never stopped [trying] to resolve past human rights problems in a way that is wise and dignified, we must work together to resolve these and devote our energy to national advancement", said Widodo.

"Through the Menkopolhukam I have already tasked him to ensure that the resolution of past human rights problems be followed up on and that the results can be accepted by all parties as well as accepted by the international community", he continued.

Widodo also took the opportunity to express his thanks to Komnas HAM and human rights activists for continuing to actively increase awareness of human rights issues. He also invited all parties to play an active role in respecting the rights of other people and to take responsibility for fulfilling the rights of others.

"By increasing respect, protection and the fulfillment of human rights, we will become a more civilised, strong and advanced nation", said Widodo in closing.


Komnas HAM has submitted 11 cases of severe human rights violations to the Attorney General's Office (AGO). They include the 1965-1966 anti-communist purge, the mysterious killings or Petrus of 1982-1985, the 1997/1998 activist kidnappings, 1998 Semanggi and Trisakti student shootings, the 1989 Talangsari massacre, the May 1998 riots, the 2001 Wasior and the 2003 Wamena, as well as the 1998-1999 Dukun Santet case, the 2003 massacre in Jambo Keupok, Rumoh Geudong, Pos Sattis, up to Simpang KKA (Kertas Kraft Aceh) tragedies. The AGO however – both under President Widodo's administration as well as his predecessor, former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – has repeated refused to pursue criminal investigations into any of these cases on the ground that the case dossiers are "incomplete".

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Jokowi: Pemerintah Tak Pernah Berhenti Tuntaskan Masalah HAM Masa Lalu".]