Rally in Kendari marking two years since killing of student demonstrators ends in clash

Kompas.com – September 27, 2021
Students in Kendari set fire to tyres during rally marking student deaths two years ago – September 27, 2021 (Kompas)

A demonstration commemorating two years since the death of La Randi and Muhammad Yusuf Qardawi, students from the Kendari Halu Oleo University in Southeast Sulawesi, who were killed in 2016, has ended in a clash.

The situation began to heat up when students set fire to tyres near the Southeast Sulawesi regional police headquarters on Jalan Haluoleo in Mokoau village, Anduonohu sub-district, Kota Kendari City, on Monday September 27.

As reported by the state-owned Antara news agency, several police officers approached the students to hold a dialogue but stones were suddenly thrown. Police responded by firing teargas in the direction of the demonstrators.

Before the incident broke out, the demonstrators took turns in giving speeches in which they said they are still unable to accept that their colleagues were killed during a demonstration.

"Our wounds have still not healed, we want to convey that our wounds have still not healed", shouted one of the speakers.

While the demonstration was taking place police could be seen on guard at an intersection near the Southeast Sulawesi regional police headquarters. In addition to this there were three water cannon units on alert at the location of the protest.

Randi and Yusuf were killed during a demonstration in front of the Southeast Sulawesi Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) on September 26, 2019.

At the time, students from the Halu Oleo University were protesting against revisions to the Corruption Eradication Commission Law and the Criminal Code.


La Randi and Muhammad Yusuf Qardawi were killed during clashes between protesters and police in Kendari on September 26, 2019, during protests against several controversial bills being deliberated by the House of Representatives. Randi died at the scene after being shot in his chest, while Yusuf died the day after suffering severe head injuries. One officer was charged and tried with negligence causing death after he and five others underwent disciplinary hearings resulting in short jail sentences and other administrative sanctions.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Demonstrasi Peringatan 2 Tahun Tewasnya Randi dan Yusuf di Kendari Berakhir Ricuh".]

Source: https://regional.kompas.com/read/2021/09/27/172111278/demonstrasi-peringatan-2-tahun-tewasnya-randi-dan-yusuf-di-kendari-berakhir