Sacked KPK employees establish IM57+ HQ at Legal Aid Foundation offices

Detik News – November 23, 2021
The sacked KPK employees gather in front of the KPK buiding in Jakarta – September 30, 2021 (Antara)

Azhar Bagas Ramadhan, Jakarta – The Indonesia Calling or IM57+ Institute established by former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator Novel Baswedan and 56 other sacked KPK employees has found a new headquarters – one of the offices at the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) in the Pegangsaan area of Menteng, Central Jakarta.

"Today we have established an IM57+ base camp. We have been accepted and will take shelter at an empty office belonging to @YLBHI. The H. JC Princen room, where 57 ex-KPK employees will consolidate. Please, those who want to visit are welcome", said former KPK employee Tata Khoiriyah in a posting on his Twitter account @tatakhoiriyah on Tuesday November 23.

Khoiriyah, who has reportedly been selling food for a living after being dismissed from the KPK, said that he will divide his time between his business and IM57+ activities.

"Orders for garlic bread and cinnamon, they can't be produced every day. Because I have to divide my time between IM57+ activities and advocacy and litigation work which is still ongoing. That's why the orders are full for the next few days ahead. Thank you to those who willing to wait", he said.

IM57+ established

After being dismissed from the KPK, Novel Baswedan and 56 other employees established the Indonesia Calling 57+ or IM57+ Institute.

The IM57+ Institute has an executive board made up of Hery Muryanto (former KPK deputy for coordination and supervision), Sujanarko (former KPK Inter-Commission and Agency Cooperation Management Director, PJKAKI KPK), Novel Baswedan, Giri Suprapdiono (former KPK Director for Socialisation and Anti-Corruption Campaigns) and Chandra SR (former KPK Human Resource Bureau Head).

In addition to this, there is also an investigation board, which is made up of senor investigators and criminal investigators, a law and strategic research board made up of legal experts and senior researchers and an education and training board made up of education and anti-corruption training experts.

The IM57+ Institute was officially declared by KPK employee M Praswad Nugraha on September 30 at the KPK's Supervisory Board building. He said that group represents a concrete form of the real fight to eradicate corruption.

"The 58 people declared TMS [to have failed to meet the requirements] are people who have a proven contribution to corruption eradication in a concrete form. Accordingly, this contribution cannot end today and the IM57+ Institute will be a home to continue consolidating this contribution and a movement for the sake of achieving the ideal of an Indonesia which is anti-corruption", said Nugraha.

It is hoped that the institute will became a means for the 58 KPK alumni to contribute to corruption eradication through the work of monitoring, study, strategic research and anti-corruption educating.

Nugraha said that one of the reasons for establishing the IM57+ Institute is because the former KPK employees still feel that they owe a debt to the ordinary people to eradicate corruption. (azh/lir)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "IM57+ Wadah Novel Baswedan dkk 'Numpang' di Kantor YLBHI".]