Prima threatens to execute election delay ruling if they fail verification again

Source – March 21, 2023
Prima Party holds press conference after Bawaslu win – March 20, 2023 (Kompas)

Vitorio Mantalean, Jakarta – The People's Justice and Prosperity Party (Prima) has raised the possibility of filing for the execution of a March 2 ruling by the Central Jakarta District Court (PN Jakpus) on postponing the 2024 elections if they are again declared to have failed to pass the administrative verification process.

On Monday March 20 the Prima Party won an Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) hearing against the General Elections Commission (KPU). The Bawaslu stated that the KPU had committed violations in the administrative verification process and gave the Prima Party 10 days to resubmit their data for re-verification by the KPU.

"(The execution of the PN Jakpus) is one option. Later we'll see just how fair or not the administrative verification process is, this will have a bearing on what our actions are in the future", said Prima Party Deputy Chairperson Alif Kamal during a press conference on Tuesday March 21.

Up until now, the Prima Party as not filed for the execution of the Central Jakarta District Court ruling that found in favour of all the points in their lawsuit, including a request to halt the election process and repeat all of the preparatory stages of the 2024 elections.

In order for the court's ruling to be applied automatically, the Prima Party needs to first file a request for the execution of the decision.

"One of the important points in the PN Jakpus [ruling], was that the KPU was declared to be at fault. [Even] without yesterday's Bawaslu ruling, the PN Jakpus has already declared that the KPU was at fault. That is the important point", said Kamal.

"In a position of being at fault, we know that it is impossible for us to agree to the [election] stages [continuing]", he said. Prima still want to see the results of the revised administrative verification following the latest Bawaslu decision.

Kamal noted that Prima had previously won a Bawaslu hearing on November 4. At that time, Bawaslu also gave them the opportunity to redo their verification, the difference at that time was they were only given 24 hours to do so.

In the end, the KPU still declared that the revised verification had not fulfilled the requirements.

It is this president that has made Kamal and his colleagues reluctant to withdraw the lawsuit at the Central Jakarta District Court and are still preparing to perhaps execute the ruling later.

"We believe that the dispute with the KPU is still in process and hasn’t finished yet. We need a commitment from all parties, including from the KPU itself, to really treat us fairly, to be treated equally in the verification process through to the end", said Kamal.


The Prima Party is the electoral vehicle of the People's Democratic Party (PRD).

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Prima Akan Eksekusi Putusan PN Jakpus Tunda Pemilu jika Tak Lolos Verifikasi Lagi".]