Farmer activist assassinated, police say died of heart attack

National Peasants Union – March 3, 2008
National Peasants Union rally (PRD)
National Peasants Union rally (PRD)

Jaukak Gulton, a farmer activist aged 66, who was actively in the struggle over a land conflict in Mariah Hombang village, Hutabayu sub district, North Sumatra province, was found lifeless on nearby land on February 13. His head and chest was covered with grass.

The National Peasants Union (STN) as well as Peasant Forum of Nagori Mariah Hombang (FNMH) strongly believe he was assassinated because unusual evidences was found on victims body.

Scars from a sharp object was found on the back of his head, lips and stomach. The killer most likely scratched the number 5 on victims’ stomach as well as pouring hot water over his body. His sandals were still wear on his feet but burn marked on his body and bruises on his feet indicate an unusual caused of death.

Despite all those fact, Simalungun district police chief Rudi Hartono confirmed that his death was caused by a heart attack.

Head of North Sumatra National Peasant Union strongly believes that Jaukak’s active involvement in the land conflict, which has been going on for the last two years was behind his death. Jaukak had reported earlier threats to police but received no response whatsoever.

Jaukak was one of several farmers actively involved in a struggle over a land conflict between Mariah Hombang Farmers with Kualung Gunung Lco. His struggle resulted in him being sentenced to several years in prison in 2002. He was also arrested along with 16 other farmers in 2007.

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