Civilian Killings & Political Violence

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November 2005

News/Indonesia – November 18, 2005

M Rizal Maslan, Jakarta – The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) has expressed regret over the attack by three unknown assailants on an action by supporters of Munir a

July 2005

Aceh Kita – July 10, 2005

AK-17, Banda Aceh – The Aceh Coalition of Human Rights Non-Government Organisations (Koalisi NGO HAM Aceh) believes that the shooting of foreign volunteers in Aceh is an attempt by certain parties

June 2005

Kompas – June 25, 2005

Jakarta – Iskandar Muda Regional Military Commander, Major-General Sapiudin Yusuf, believes the shooting of Hong Kong foreign volunteer Eva Yee Wayeung was an attempt by the Free Aceh Movement (GAM

Aceh Kita – June 24, 2005

AK-20, Jakarta – The Acehnese Popular Democratic Resistance Front (FPDRA) and Student’s Solidarity for the People (SMUR) have condemned the shooting of a Hong Kong Red Cross volunteer in Lamno, Gre

News/Aceh – June 9, 2005

Alisa P, Jakarta – In a report on the results of the military operation over the two years that Aceh was under a state of emergency to members of the People’s Representative Assembly’s (DPR) Commis