Civilian Killings & Political Violence

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September 2008

Kompas – September 11, 2008

Jakarta – The Talangsari incident in Lampung regency in February 1989 is threatened with the same fate as other cases of gross human rights violations.

August 2008

News/West Papua – August 22, 2008

Didi Syafirdi, Jakarta – Around 20 West Papuans from the United West Papua Popular Struggle Front (Pepera) held an action at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in Central Jakarta on Friday August 22.

Tempo Interactive – August 18, 2008

Abdi Purmono, Pasuruan – The sentences handed down by the III-12 Surabaya Military Court against 13 marines who were charged over the shooting of Alastlogo village residents in the Lekok sub-distri

May 2008

News/Indonesia – May 24, 2008

Irwan Nugroho, Jakarta – The police attack on the University of Indonesia campus this morning has left those who witnessed it dumb founded after they watched hundreds of police officers surround so

FPR – May 23, 2008

[The following is a slightly abridged translation of a statement by the People's Struggle Front (FPR) condemning recent acts of violence by police against peaceful protests opposing the Indonesian

March 2008

National Peasants Union – March 3, 2008

Jaukak Gulton, a farmer activist aged 66, who was actively in the struggle over a land conflict in Mariah Hombang village, Hutabayu sub district, North Sumatra province, was found lifeless on nearb

February 2008

News/Indonesia – February 22, 2008