August 2003

Kompas – August 29, 2003

Jakarta, Kompas -- The accusation that particular members of TNI [Indonesian armed forces] have committed rapes has surfaced again.

Kompas – August 26, 2003

Jakarta – After having previously taken a soft position [on refugees] and stating that it will give temporary residency permits to hundreds of Acehnese asylum seekers in Malaysia, yesterday, the Malaysian Foreign Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, did an about turn and issued a strong statement [on the issue].

Kompas – August 24, 2003

Jakarta – The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) is of the view that the integrated operation which has continued for three months in Aceh has been characterised by far too many violations of human rights and humanitarian laws.

LMND – August 23, 2003

[The following statement was issued by the National Executive of the National Student League for Democracy (Liga Mahasiswa Nasional untuk Demokrasi, LMND) and the Central Leadership Committee of Student Solidarity for the People (Solidaritas Mahasiswa Untuk Rakyat, SMUR) on August 23. Translated by James Balowski.]

News – August 20, 2003

Maryadi, Jakarta – A class action by the People’s Lawyers Union (Serikat Pengacara Rakyat, SPR) against President Megawati Sukarnoputri over the declaration of a military emergency in Aceh has been adjourned again.

Unpublished Paper – August 14, 2003

[The following is a translation of discussion paper presented by Indonesian labour leader and general chairperson of the People’s United Opposition Party (Popor), Dita Indah Sari, at a public meeting titled “An evaluation of three months of the military emergency in Aceh” which was held in Jakarta on August 14.

SEGERA – August 7, 2003

[The following is a translation of a statement issued by the Solidarity Movement for the People of Aceh (Solidaritas Gerakan untuk Rakyat Aceh, SEGERA) which was read out a demonstration in front of the national parliament on August 7, to coincide with the last day of the annual session of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) which start

SMUR – August 4, 2003

[The following is a translation of a statement issued on August 4 by the Central Leadership Committee of the Acehnese based Student Solidarity for the People (Solidaritas Mahasiswa Untuk Rakyat, SMUR) following the conviction of US free-lance journalist William Nessen for alleged visa violations while working in Aceh.]

News – August 4, 2003

Nurul Hidayati, Jakarta –- The presidential decree authorising a military emergency in Aceh is being challenged by the People’s Lawyers Union (Serikat Pengacara Rakyat, SPR).

SEGERA – August 2, 2003

[The following petition was initiated by SEGERA, the Solidarity Movement with the People of Aceh and is being circulated among progressive and democratic organisations in Indonesia. This translation has been abridged and edited for readability. Copies of the original petition in Bahasa Indonesia are available on request.]

July 2003

Kompas – July 31, 2003

Jakarta -- The People’s Democratic Party (PRD) has rejected holding general elections in Aceh for as long as the military emergency in Tanah Rencong [Aceh] continues.

Kompas – July 19, 2003

Jakarta –- The military operation in Aceh to incapacitate Free Aceh Movement (GAM) forces will result in prolonged trauma in children. After they have become adults, their minds will be filled with sadness, revenge and they will tend towards violence.

June 2003

Media Indonesia – June 30, 2003

Lhok Sukon, Banda Aceh -- The management of PT ExxonMobil Indonesia began dismissing around 1000 workers on Monday, this is the third time the company has dismissed contract workers this year.

News – June 16, 2003

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta -- Resolving the conflict in Aceh through war will only increase the number of civilian casualties.

News – June 11, 2003

Khairul Ikhwan, Medan -- There are indications that a number of civil servants in the Aceh provincial government are involved in the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), although none have so far been proven to be so. Aceh governor, Abdullah Puteh has said that the government is in the process of carrying out a more thorough investigation.

News – June 11, 2003

Luhur Hertanto, Jakarta -- The government will soon conduct a special investigations (Litsus) of state civil servants in Aceh. This follows information which suggests Acehnese civil servants are involved in the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

Kompas – June 7, 2003

Jakarta -- The Indonesian Women’s Solidarity Alliance (Aliansi Solidaritas Perempuan Indonesia, ASPI) has called on warring parties in Aceh to immediately end the war and return to the negotiating table. According to ASPI, the war will achieve nothing, rather it will result in civilian deaths and tear apart the rights of the Acehnese people.

SEGERA – June 4, 2003

[The following is a translation of a statement presented to the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) by the Civil Society Coalition for Peace and the People’s Solidarity Movement for Aceh (SEGERA) on June 4.]

Kompas – June 3, 2003

Jakarta, Kompas -- The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) has found strong indications of human rights violations -- including the murder of civilians since the emergency military operation in Aceh came into force.

Sriwijaya Post – June 2, 2003

Jakarta, Sripo -- The Indonesian Centre for Reform and Social Emancipation (INCREASE) has put forward a referendum as the solution to resolving the conflict in Aceh.