At a snail's pace

Kompas – September 5, 2018

Man: Forward Mr... (T-shirt with 73th anniversary of independence)

With many of the country’s lawmakers preoccupied with campaigning for the 2019 presidential and legislative elections or trying to use legislative issues to boost their image among voters, this year is shaping up to be a repeat of previous years where the House of Representative has consistently failed to meet their own legislative targets.

Crucial bills such as the Draft Law (RUU) on the Eradication of Sexual Violence – which has been languishing in the House since 2016 – are being held up by opposition from the Islamic based parties over claims that it legitimises Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) behaviour or will lead to “free sex” and “promiscuity”.

Meanwhile revisions to the outdated Criminal Code (KUHP) are likewise being delayed as these same parties try to pander to the conservative Islamic vote by insisting on including provision to criminalising the LGBT community and consensual sex between adults.