Show some guts Mr

Kompas – September 4, 2019

If you can, pick the clean ones. Don’t play favourites, show some real guts Mr...

Document reads: 10 Candidate KPK Leaders

Anti-corruption activists say that President Joko Widodo (pictured centre) has ignored public input by going ahead and submitting the 10 names proposed by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) leadership selection committee to the House of Representatives for the final selection process.

They say that the selection committee – which was directly appointed by Widodo – has allowed people with questionable backgrounds and active members of Indonesia’s notoriously corrupt police force to slip through the selection process.

“This means that the president agrees with the results of the work of the selection committee which has earlier been widely criticised. Of course this leads to only one conclusion, what indicator is the president using in choosing the KPK candidate leaders”, asked Indonesian Corruption Watch researcher Kurnia Ramadhana Wednesday.

Ramadhana added that the public expects the next crop of KPK leaders to be figures that have never been indicted for crimes or committed ethical violations in the past. “Put simply, how is it possible for problematic figures to be able to lead an anti-corruption institution which up until now has been leading the fight to eradicate corruption”, said Ramadhana.