Bad, or very bad

Source – January 9, 2022

From a an article by titled Majority of respondents believe corruption eradication worse under Jokowi: Survey.

Jakarta – Corruption eradication during the administration of President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has worsened. This was the finding of a survey by Indonesian Political Indicator (IPI) which was released on Sunday January 9.

"Overall, if we check that's their view, on the state of corruption eradication under the current administration, most say its' bad or very bad. So the trend is negative, not positive", said IPI Executive Director Burhanudin Muhtadi during a virtual press conference on Sunday.

According to the survey as many as 32.1 percent of respondents believe that the corruption eradication has been bad during the era of the Widodo administration. As many as 4.8 even say it has been very bad.

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