Aceh workers demonstrate against their own trade union leadership

Source – November 23, 2005
All Indonesia Workers Union protest in Aceh (Antara)
All Indonesia Workers Union protest in Aceh (Antara)

Ilyas, Langsa – Because the normative and other rights employees have not been accommodated by the leadership board of the Langsa City branch of the All Indonesia Workers Union (SPSI), scores of Langsa SPSI members held a demonstration and issued a motion of no confidence in the SPSI leadership.

During the action – which proceeded peacefully at the SPSI offices in Langsa on Jalan A Yani on Monday November 21 – the demonstrators were received directly by the head of the leadership board, Nasrul Haida, and a number of other board members.

Also present were the head of the Langsa sectoral police Iptu Jufriadi R, a representative from the Langsa labour office Mukhtar, and the Langsa sub-district head T Muldisyah. During the action, the employees declared their mistrust in the SPSI leadership board and moved a motion of no confidence against Haida.

According to the employees, the leadership board has been unable to fight for many of the members’ rights and they even feel as is they are children who have lost their parents.

[Translated by James Balowski.]