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October 2021

CNN Indonesia – October 14, 2021

Bandung – Hundreds of workers from the Indonesian Trade Union Congress Alliance Confederation (KASBI) commemorated the anniversary of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) in front of the Ged

News/Indonesia – October 14, 2021

Sania Mashabi, Jakarta – Indonesian Trade Union Congress Alliance Confederation (KASBI) Chairperson Nining Elitos says that Law Number 11/2020 on Job Creation has had the totally opposite effect to

CNN Indonesia – October 5, 2021

Jakarta – Newly elected Labour Party General Chairperson Said Iqbal says that the party was established based on the wishes of several labour organisations to begin struggling in parliament and not

CNN Indonesia – October 2, 2021

Jakarta – A number of organisations and trade unions plan to revive the Labour Party in order to contest the 2024 legislative and presidential elections.

July 2021

News/Indonesia – July 19, 2021

Rahel Narda Chaterine, Jakarta – Indonesian United Trade Union Federation (FSBPI) General Chairperson Dian Septi Trisnanti says that the Emergency Enforcement of Restrictions on Public Activities (

May 2021

News/Indonesia – May 2, 2021

Nasrudin Yahya, Jakarta – Labour Movement with the People (Gebrak) spokesperson Nining Elitos says that protesters received threats from outside parties prior to the commemoration of May Day 2021 i

CNN Indonesia – May 1, 2021

Jakarta – As many as 97 people were arrested during May Day commemorations in the vicinity of the Horse Statue and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) offices in Central Jakarta on Saturday

CNN Indonesia – May 1, 2021

Medan – A protest action commemorating International Labour Day or May Day in Medan, North Sumatra ended with the Medan metropolitan district police (Polrestabes) arresting 14 protesters from the P

IDN Times – May 1, 2021

Muhammad Saifullah, Banda Aceh – Scores of workers held a long-march from the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque to the Simpang Lima traffic circle in the Achenese provincial capital of Banda Aceh to commem

iNews – May 1, 2021

Priyo Setyawan, Yogyakarta – Hundreds of workers from the People's Alliance for Unity (Arus) held a peaceful action commemorating May Day at the zero kilometre point intersection in the Central Jav