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March 2023

News/Indonesia – March 23, 2023

Achmad Nasrudin Yahya, Jakarta – Workers say the House of Representatives (DPR) has become a rubber stamp for the government after enacting Government Regulation in Lieu of

News/Indonesia – March 20, 2023

Ade Miranti Karunia, Jakarta – All Indonesia Workers Organisation (OPSI) Secretary General Timboel Siregar says that the recently issued Labour Minister Regulation (Permena

Tribun Batam – March 18, 2023

Jakarta – Workers plan to hold a massive demonstration at the Ministry of Labour (Kemnaker) offices in Jakarta on March 21.

CNN Indonesia – March 14, 2023

Jakarta – A number of labour and farmer organisations are threatening to hold a mass strike if Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) Number 2/2022 replacing the <

News/Indonesia – March 11, 2023

Fika Nurul Ulya, Jakarta – The Civil Society Coalition for the Domestic Worker Protection Law is holding a five day tent action in front of the House of

News/Indonesia – March 8, 2023

Nicholas Ryan Aditya, Jakarta – A demonstration was held by women's groups in front of the House of Representatives (DPR) building in Jakarta on the afternoon of Wednesday M

News/Indonesia – March 8, 2023

Dwi Lindawati, Surabaya – the commemoration of International Women's Day (IWD) 2023 in East Java was marked by a mass convoy of 200 people and a demonstration at the Negara

News/Indonesia – March 8, 2023

Rechtin Hani Ritonga, Medan – An alliance of organisations in North Sumatra (Sumut) commemorated International Women's Day (IWD) in front of the North Sumatra Regional House

News/Indonesia – March 8, 2023

Ilham Oktafian, Jakarta – The Labour Party commemorated International Women's Day (IWD) by holding a protest action in front of the House of

February 2023

CNN Indonesia – February 28, 2023

Jakarta – The Labour Alliance held a demonstration in front of the parliamentary complex in Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday February 28, rejecting plans to enact the government regulation in lieu of L