Workers say electricity hike will result in wage cuts, more dismissals

Okezone – July 12, 2010
Workers protest basic electricity rate hikes (infoviral100)
Workers protest basic electricity rate hikes (infoviral100)

Rheza Andhika Pamungkas, Jakarta – Around 80 workers from the Indonesian Labour Movement Union (PPBI) held a demonstration today demanding the cancellation of basic electricity rate (TDL) hikes that came into effect on July 1.

“Although the TDL for people categorised as poor will not rise, poor people will still be hit by the impact of these TDL hikes”, said PPBI chairperson Ata B. Udi in a speech at the Department of Labour and Transmigration in Jakarta on Monday July 12.

According to Udi, the electricity rate increase will result in cuts to employees’ wages and numbers. Udi said that some 15,000 workers have already been hit by dismissals because the companies where they work have had to increase efficiency.

“In addition to this, the TDL hike will also impact on other prices, such as basic commodities, building materials, as well as transportation fares such as electric trains”, added Udi.

In addition to the Labour Department, the protests also plan to hold a demonstration at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circles and the State Palace. “We will be conveying the same demands. If they are not heeded, we promise to bring more demonstrators in coming days”, threatened Udi. (ton)

[Translated by James Balowski.]