Sexual & Domestic Violence

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May 2023

News/Indonesia – May 15, 2023

Singgih Wiryono, Jakarta – In commemorating the tragedy of the May 1998 riots in Jakarta, or the reformasi 1998 incident, <

April 2023

CNN Indonesia – April 13, 2023

Jakarta – The National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) believes that the implementation of the Sexual Violence Crimes Law (

September 2022

News/Indonesia – September 5, 2022

Singgih Wiryono, Jakarta – The number of women who were victims of violence throughout 2021 totaled some 27,335 people.

July 2022

Tempo – July 8, 2022

Mutia Yuantisya, Jakarta – The Lintas Student Press Institute (LPM) Defenders Coalition is asking the Ambon State Administrative Court or the PTUN to be wise and just in its ruling on a lawsuit aga

April 2022

CNN Indonesia – April 13, 2022

Jakarta – The Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation (LBH) has highlighted the recently enacted Law on Sexual Violence Crimes (TPKS) for not fully accommodate the rights of victims.

March 2022

Detik News – March 8, 2022

Anggi Muliawati, Jakarta – Protesters calling themselves the Women's Organisation held a rally at the Horse Statue in Central Jakarta commemorating International Women's Day (IWD) 2022 on March 8 i

Detik Jabar – March 8, 2022

Sudirman Wamad, Bandung – An alliance of women's organisations held a protest action in front of the Gedung Sate building (governor's office) in the West Java provincial capital of Bandung today to

Suara Jogja – March 8, 2022

The issue of sexual violence is still encountered in every layer of society, including the office environment and educational institutions.

February 2022

News/Indonesia – February 8, 2022

Mutia Fauzia, Jakarta – The Ministry for the Empowerment of Women and Protection of Children (KPPPA) says that as many as 30 percent of women consider it normal to be hit by their husbands for bein

January 2022

News/Indonesia – January 19, 2022

Vitorio Mantalean, Jakarta – The Ministry for the Empowerment of Women and Protection of Children (KPPPA) recorded tens of thousands of cases of violence against children and women throughout 2021.