Activists threaten hunger strike if domestic worker bill not discussed this week

Lambe Turah – June 7, 2023
Jala PRT activists hold weekly action in front of parliament – June 7, 2023 (CNN)

The National Network for Domestic Workers Advocacy (Jala PRT) is threatening to hold a hunger strike in front of the House of Representatives (DPR) building if the House does not start deliberations on the Draft Law on the Protection of Domestic Workers (RUU PPRT).

Jala PRT coordinator Lita Anggraini is urging the DPR to quickly enact the RUU PPRT this year because the number of domestic workers (PRT) falling victim to violence and human rights abuses are increasing with each day.

"We are targeting that if within a week there are no [deliberations], then we will hold a hunger strike. We will fast in turns and I will strike, if in a week there is no decision on the deliberations", said Anggraini in front of the DPR building in Jakarta on Wednesday June 7.

Anggraini is asking that at the next plenary meeting the DPR leadership immediately designate the RUU PPRT for discussion at level I. Out of the 367 items in the DIM [Problem Inventory List], [only] 79 are substantially new. She said that the majority of the DIM are changes that are substantial, editorial and sequential.

Some of these are on the issue of specific changes to the recruitment and placement mechanisms for domestic workers, regulations between domestic workers and employers, domestic worker placement (3PRT), supervision and improving expertise and skills for domestic workers.

"These must be clarified further. So before you [the DPR] become busy and busy again with the elections and the presidential elections, first finish [your] homework for the livelihood of the little people", she concluded.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "PRT Ancam Bakal Mogok Jika RUU PPRT Tak Dibahas Dalam Pekan Ini".]