10,000 ex-political prisoners form political party

Liputan 6 – March 2, 2003
Political prisoners interned on Buru Island (Kompasiana)
Political prisoners interned on Buru Island (Kompasiana)

Semarang -- Based on intelligence data, there are presently 10,000 ex-political prisoners from the categories A, B and C across Central Java/Yogyakarta, who have established political parties. They have also joined together in non- government institutes and foundations with aims and motives which it is suspected could create problems for the country. Based on this investigation, the government has been asked to publish [the names] these groups. The request was made recently by the Diponegoro IV military commander, Major General Cornelis Simbolon at a commemoration celebrating the anniversary of the Regional Military Command IV in Semarang, Central Java.

One of the parties formed by ex-political prisoners which was included in the list included the People’s Party of Struggle (Partai Perjuangan Rakyat, PPR). In Central Java alone, the party already has 13 branches, followed by 12 in East Java and nine in West Java. Moreover they have reportedly spread to France, Germany, Holland and Australia. As well as the PPR, other parties of ex- political prisoners include the Indonesia Party (Partai Indonesia), the Indonesian Nation Party of Struggle (Partai Perjuangan Bangsa) and the Islamic Community Party (Partai Umat Islam). Not only that, there are those who have joined organisations such as the Association of Victims of the New Order (Paguyuban Korban Orde Baru) and the Defense and Liberation Action Committee of Ex-Political Prisoners (Komite Aksi Pembelaan dan Pembebasan Tapol-Napol). There mission is to reinstate and rehabilitate the victims of the New Order regime.

Category A political prisoners are those directly involved in the September 30 Movement/Indonesian Communist Party. Category B meanwhile, is divided into B1 and B2, that is those who are considered to be party cadre or activists from left-wing mass organisations. Generally, this group was exiled to Buru Island in the Maluku islands. Category C is made up of C1, that is those who were involved in the “1948 Mediun Affair”, C2 who are referred to as sympathisers and C3, their mass supporters. These are people who have been jailed and dismissed from their jobs or have been freed but are under city arrest and are obliged to report [regularly to the authorities]. (MTA/Solikun)

[Translated by James Balowski.]