Mega-Hamzah photos crossed out at demonstration, two arrested

Source – June 19, 2003
Protest at State Palace against Megawati and Hamzah Haz (Getty)

Arif Shodiq Pujiharto, Jakarta -- They were intending to hold an action opposing violence against civilians in Aceh. But because they carried pictures of President Megawati Sukarnoputri and Vice-president Hamzah Haz which had been crossed out, two demonstrators were arrested by police.

According to information compiled by, the demonstrations were from the Action Study Circle for Indonesian Democracy (Lingkar Studi Aksi untuk Demokrasi Indonesia, LSADI). There were around 50 demonstrators in total.

At the action which was held in front of the presidential palace on Thursday, they protested against the violence being experienced by civilians in Aceh. They also called on the government to take concrete political and economic steps [to improve the situation] in Aceh. As well as holding speeches, the demonstrators also carried to biers and posters of Mega-Hamzah which had been crossed out.

However the LSADI action did not continue for long. Only around 30 minutes after the speeches were given, police broke up the demonstration. The two demonstrators carrying the poster of Mega-Hamzah were arrested at taken to the Central Jakarta police station. (djo)

[Translated by James Balowski.]