Golkar party urges president to replace TNI chief

Detik.com – August 30, 2005
DPR Commission and Golkar Party member Yudi Chrisnandi (Merdeka)
DPR Commission and Golkar Party member Yudi Chrisnandi (Merdeka)

Fitraya Ramadhanny, Jakarta – After recent calls that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono reshuffle his economic ministers, these calls are now being directed towards the chief of the TNI (armed forces).

The call has came from members of the Golkar Party Fraction in the House of Representatives (DPR). There are two people who are considered appropriate to be chosen by the government as the TNI chief, General Ryamizard Ryacudu and airforce chief of staff Air-Marshal Djoko Suyanto.

“The situation urgently needs this at the moment. There are two people who are most appropriate”, said a member of the DPR’s Commission I from the Golkar faction, Yudi Chrisnandi, at a press conference during a break in the launch of his book titled TNI Reform: A New Perspective on the Civilian Military Relationship in Indonesia, at the Hotel Sahid ballroom on Jalan Sudirman in Central Jakarta on Tuesday August 30.

According to Chrisnandi, the regeneration of the TNI leadership is necessary in order not to obstruct organisational development and the professionalism of the TNI itself. Article 12 of Law Number 34/2004 on the TNI states that chiefs of staff and active former chiefs of staff can have an opportunity to be TNI chief.

“In terms of seniority, Ryacudu could be the priority. However if [we] look at the modernisation and rotation of the leadership, then Suyanto could be given an opportunity like the previous chief of staff”, explained Chrisnandi.

Chrisnandi also explained that the candidate that is nominated must still obtain agreement from the DPR and can be rejected if inappropriate. Whoever is nominated by the president and agreed to by the DPR however, must be loyal to the president as is fitting with a professional military.

“Certainly there is no problem about the replacement of the TNI chief. [Military] officers will not make an issue out of the replacement as long as it is in accordance with procedures and professionalism”, he asserted with confidence. (atq)

[Translated by James Balowski.]