Golkar lawmaker says PKI communists masterminded Tolikara tragedy

Intelijen – July 22, 2015
Smoke from buildings following the Tolikara incident - July 19, 2015 (Radio Elshinta)
Smoke from buildings following the Tolikara incident - July 19, 2015 (Radio Elshinta)

Teropong Senayan – The razing of an Islamic prayer room in the Tolikara district of Papua was carried out by a group pursuing the agenda of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) to re-implant its ideology in Indonesia.

This was reveled by the deputy chairperson of the House of Representatives’ (DPR) Commission VIII, Deding Ishak. Ishak said that it is impossible that religious people would commit arson when another religious congregation was conducting prayers for the 1436 H Idul Fitri celebrations at the end of the fasting month on Friday July 17.

“I’m not convinced it was done by a religious community, religious congregations, all religions teach love and compassion so the razing of the prayer room in Tolikara was definitely carried out by the PKI”, said Ishak when contacted by Teropong Senayan (Senayan Focus) on Monday July 19.

Ishak’s suspicions are based on a plan by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to apologise to the PKI over the 1965 killings. So people who still hold to a communist ideology are taking advantage of this to divide the Indonesian people.

“Just look at the common thread. Because of this the president must be careful about issuing such a statement, particularly in relation to an apology to the PKI”, he said.

The Golkar Party politician is also urging the government to immediately and fully investigate the masterminds behind the incident so that other regions are not affected. “It must be immediately and fully investigated by law enforcement agencies so that it does give rise to distrust”, he said.

[Abridged translation by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The second part of the article goes on to describe the incident in Tolikara. The original title of the article was PKI, Dalang di Balik Tragedi Tolikara?.]

Source: http://www.intelijen.co.id/pki-dalang-di-balik-tragedi-tolikara/