Class action suit demands Ahok pay cost incurred by ‘Islamic community’ for protesting against him

Detik News – December 8, 2016
I Love the Fatherland (ACTA) deputy chairperson Ali Lubis - December 8, 2016 (Detik)
I Love the Fatherland (ACTA) deputy chairperson Ali Lubis - December 8, 2016 (Detik)

Edward Febriyatri Kusuma, Jakarta – I Love the Fatherland (Aku Cinta Tanah Air, ACTA) deputy chairperson Ali Lubis is suing Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama over the campaign speech he made at the Thousand Islands in late September.

The suit is asking for compensation amounting to 470 billion rupiah in the name of the Islamic community that hates the man known affectionately as Ahok.

“This suit is being made by anti-Ahok groups over his statement that attracted many protests incurring material and immaterial losses. Currently we are trying to formulate the material damages”, said class action suit plaintiff Lubis at Central Jakarta district court building on Jl. Gajah Mada in Central Jakarta on December 8.

“Essentially we will use [the money] for Islam’s future struggles, with such a budget we will act against things like blasphemy. Essentially for the community’s struggles like building mosques”, he continued.

Lubis claimed that the law suit has been agreed to by the anti-Ahok Islamic community. He also explained the grounds for the suit he is representing.

“The weakness is that not everyone can [launch] a suit. So we are representing [them] in our capacity of understanding the law in submitting a suit”, he explained.

Lubis said the nominal amount of 470 billion rupiah was calculated based on a calculation of the costs outlaid by the Islamic community during the previous day’s activities. The outlaid costs were incurred by the various communities that took to the streets.

“We calculated the 470 billion rupiah from the other day’s actions. At a minimum [each] person who took part in the other day’s action spend 100,000 rupiah. Because there were stories of people using their own money, not being paid. We’re not counting it all. At the first and second actions, there were around 4,700 people at the third action. This is the minimum number right, we didn’t count the detailed costs per person, such as the individual cost of hotels”, he said in conclusion.

Earlier, Lubis along with his lawyer Nurhayati registered the 470 billion rupiah class action suit with the Central Jakarta district court. According to the suit the money will be used to build mosques throughout Indonesia. (edo/asp)


According Berita Teratas <>, Ali Lubis had earlier challenged Ahok to a 12-round public boxing match.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the report was Gugat Ahok Rp 470 Miliar, Ali Lubis: Untuk Bangun Masjid.]