Anti-LGBT protesters clash with police ahead of Coldplay concert in Jakarta

Warta Kota – November 15, 2023
National Anti-LGBT Movement protest in front of Mulia Hotel in Jakarta – November 15, 2023 (Warta Kota)

Nuri Yatul Hikmah, Jakarta – Ahead of a concert by British band Coldplay in Jakarta, a clash broke out between police and protesters from the 1511 Anti-LGBT National Movement (Geranati LGBT).

The clash occurred at the u-turn in front of the Mulia Hotel in the direction of Jalan Asia Afrika in Senayan, Jakarta, on the afternoon of Wednesday November 15.

At 2.57 pm the protesters, who brought a command vehicle with them, could be seen confronting officers from the para-military Mobile Brigade (Brimob) in full uniform complete with riot helmets and steel shields.

The protest became heated after demonstrators refused to retreat from the location, even though Metro Jakarta district police chief Senior Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro had ordered them to move back.

Because the order was not headed, Condro ordered the Brimob officers to advance and block the protesters.

A clash broke out with protesters and police officers shouting at each other for several minutes and the demonstrators even throwing mineral water bottles in the direction of police.

"Please habib [honorific term for Islamic scholars from the Sayyid community] order your troops to withdraw! We don’t want a clash to occur", ordered Condro from on top of a police car.

"We won't tolerate any violence. We have given you the opportunity to convey your aspirations since this afternoon. Please be polite, this is being conveyed in a polite language", he added.

But instead of heeding the order, the protesters showered the police with shouts of opposition.

The protesters said that they considered the police to be pro-LGBT for not closing down the concert by Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, which is to be held at the at the Bung Karno Stadium (GBK) later that evening.

"The ones who should be expelled are those inside, not us!", shouted one of the speakers.

The police then asked the demonstrators to move away from the GBK. The protesters however were not yet willing to disband and instead held afternoon prayers.

As has been reported, the 1511 action opposes the Coldplay concert because they consider the band to be pro-LGBT.

In addition to this, they also consider the Coldplay concert not to be showing solidarity with the Palestinian people who continue to be attacked by Israel with the support of western countries.

"Reject and close down the Coldplay concert. Coldplay are LGBT propagandists. LGBT is spreading, faith and morals are damaged", read a banner installed on the protesters' command vehicle. (m40)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Jelang Konser Coldplay Digelar, Gerakan Nasional Anti LGBT dan Polisi Terlibat Kericuhan di Senayan".]