Islamic party backs AGO saving civil servants from ‘infection by LGBT virus’

Source – November 24, 2019
PPP faction secretary Achmad Baidowi speaking at the DPR (Suara)
PPP faction secretary Achmad Baidowi speaking at the DPR (Suara)

Bangun Santoso – The secretary of the Islamic-based United Development Party (PPP) faction in the House of Representatives, Achmad Baidowi or Awiek supports the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) ban on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people applying as candidate state civil servants or CPNS.

“The PPP faction fully supports the AGO banning CPNS who have deviant sexual orientations like LGBT”, said Baidowi in a press release as reported by the state news agency Antara in Jakarta on Sunday November 24.

Baidowi explained that the AGO’s policy has to be understood as an attempt to safeguard the future of state civil servants so that they are not infected with the LGBT virus which could threaten the next generation.

According to Baidowi, Indonesia is a country based on Belief in the Almighty God as the first principle which protects religion.

“Religions have teachings from God which adherents are obliged to follow. Islam is the largest religion in Indonesia and Islam forbids LGBT”, he said.

Baidowi believes that the AGO’s stipulation prohibiting LGBT people from applying as CPNS is appropriate and should be applied in all government institutions in Indonesia.

Earlier, the AGO said it wants to focus on the selection of CPNS for 2019 and wants applicants to be normal.

“Meaning we want people who are normal and natural. We don’t want weirdoes so it has been directed so, so that there aren’t any who are, you know, like that”, said AGO spokesperson Mukri.


On November 22, People’s Consultative Assembly Deputy Speaker Arsul Sani – who is also a senior PPP politician – called on the AGO not to discriminate against LGBT people applying for civil service positions. Sani, who said that a person who is LGBT has the right to become a CPNS as long as they have not committed a crime and should not be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation, also said that the House of Representative Commission III would be seeking an explanation from the AGO on the matter during a working meeting in the near future.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “PPP Dukung Keputusan Kejagung Larang LGBT Jadi CPNS”.]