In wake of Reynhard Sinaga case, Depok mayor orders anti-LGBT raids

Republika – January 11, 2020
Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris speaking to journalists in Depok – January 12, 2020 (Tribune)

Rusdy Nurdiansyah, Depok – Depok Mayor Muhammad Idris is furious about and deplores the same-sex violence committed by Reynhard Sinaga in Manchester, England. Sinaga has been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment after committing sexual violence against 159 men.

In order that a similar thing does not happen in the Jakarta satellite city of Depok, Idris has instructed regional government officials including Public Order Agency officials (Satpol PP), the Population and Civil Registration Office (Disdukcapil) and the Office for the Protection of Children, Social and Family Empowerment (DPAPMK) to actively take part in overcoming the problem of sexual crimes.

“I have asked the Depok city Satpol PP to actively conduct raids on rooming houses, rental accommodation, apartments and so forth related to the prevention of the spread of free sex and deviant sex or LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender]”, said Idris at the Depok town hall on Friday January 10.

Idris said that improving prevention efforts is to strengthen family resilience and protection, particularly for children, and of course it is important that the public do not feel anxious.

“We are appealing to all apartment, rooming house and rental housing owners to form Apartment Unit Owner and Occupant Associations (P3SRS). Their function will be to facilitate communication and control of rooming house and apartment occupants”, he said.

Idris said that there would not just be raids, but the government will also establish special crisis centres for victims of LGBT. Including making approaches to related institutions to cooperate in the guidance of residents or communities that support LGBT.

“In terms of social life and the morality of all religious teachings, they do of course condemn LGBT behaviour”, he asserted.

In relation to the Reynhard Sinaga case, he explained that this is an issue of a personal crime by a perpetrator which has no relationship with his family or earlier life in Depok city.

“Reynhard has been living in Britain on a student’s visa since 2007. The crimes committed in Britain have no relationship with his life when he was in Depok city”, he explained.

Idris hopes that Sinaga’s parents, who are residents of Depok city, can be strong and patient in facing the case which has befallen their child.

“This is an unwelcome incident for the family. We hope that Reynhard’s family will have patience in facing this test”, he said.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “Wali Kota Depok Perintahkan Razia LGBT”.]