Solidarity message for Socialist Party of Malaysia 13th Congress

KPRM-PRD – May 16, 2011
Socialist Party of Malaysia conference (PSM Kajang)
Socialist Party of Malaysia conference (PSM Kajang)

Dear comrades,

Let us extend our very warm regards to your 13th congress. We hope this year’s congress will strengthen PSM’s struggle politically, organizationally and ideologically at national and international level.

This is a wonderful year for our common struggle to fight and build 21st century socialism. It is in this very moment we are more and more convinced there will be no other way out of this crisis of capitalism unless the whole reorganization and transformation of the system and society undertaken in a radical way. We are more convinced that even a small reform needs political revolt; political mobilization of the people to enter and decide their own political interest.

The revolt unfolding in Arab world; the ongoing struggle of the people in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador and the rest of Latin American country for deepening their revolution and anti imperialist struggle, creating a real alternative beyond capitalism, are our inspirations in South East Asia.

At the same time we are also have to face more severe imperialist attack to our region. The capitalist crisis in the heart of imperialist powers had result to more exploitation of our people and natural resources. Different kind of free trade agreements are among those policies of imperialist plunder. And worse, they are not only imposed by the old rulers but also the new imperialist power in Asia.

Under that situation, democracy – even its “lower dose” such as free election, press and expression – is still big problems in our region. Burma is the worse example together with the facts that we also have to face more and more attack on our democratic rights to speech, to organize, to belief – base on certain religion or not – to choose sexual identity, etc, in each of our countries.

We are under attack: economically, politically, social-culturally and spiritually. And the future of our struggle for socialist alternative will be so much depends on our intervention and the fight back we can organize together with all democratic and left forces against all of those, at national, international and regional level.

Finally, we are happy that we had started the common struggle, and continue to maintain it together. The relation that our two organizations have built all these years despite some ups and down in communication and common projects, differences, and all things happened, never put down the spirit to uphold the solidarity and collaboration. PSM has continues to be an important left revolutionary forces in South East Asia and we are in the position to learn of your success or even failure since your success or failure is also our success or failure in struggle to create socialism in 21st century. Let us learn from each other and from other revolutionary and democratic left forces around the world. And hopefully regional socialism conference initiated by PSM will be additional tools for learning process and solidarity.

Long live the struggle for revolution, for socialism in 21st century.


Zely Ariane
Coordinator of International Affairs
Political Committee of the Poor-PRD Indonesia (KPRM-PRD)